(Fire Fighting)

Fire Alarm Systems

Alarming is an important component of fire lighting. This process involves triggering eigher sound or light or both upon sensing the smoke or ignition. Fire alarm systems are used to detect the Fire and its location at the earliest practicable moment to protect from them. It sends out the signal against the fire, so that an appropriate action can be taken to control and protect from the fire. Two types of fire detection systems are available, conventional type Fire Alarm System and Analogue Addressable Systems.

Sprinkler System

An automatic sprinkler system is intended to detect, control and extinguish a fire, and warn the occupants of occurence of fire. The installation comprises fire pumps, water storage tanks, control valve sets, sprinkler heads, flow switches, pressure switches, pipe work and valves. The system operates automatically without human intervention.

Fire Hydrant System

Fire hydrant installation consists of a system of pipe work connected directly to the water supply main to provide water to each and every hydrant outlet and is intended to provide water for the firemen to fight a fire.

Fire Extinguisher

A B C Stored Pressure type, CO2 type fire extinguishers, Dry chemical powder type fire extinguishers, Mechanical foam(AFFF). Fire Hydrant System, Sprinklers System, Fire Alarm Systems(Conventional / Addressable), CCTV System, Burglar Alarm Systems, CO2 Flooding System, Fire Suppression Systems, Gas Detector System & Access Control System.

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