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Gas Deliver System - In the year 1998, we enhanced our industrial & Medical Gas supply system, by installing a high-tech Centralized medical Gas Delivery system. This innovative technology has eased the task to the hospital Industry who in turn handles enormous volume of variety of gases to suffering patients. This system is a blessing for trauma patients.

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About Our History

Our initial dealings were in Industrial and Medical Gases. Later, in the year 1998, we promoted central gas medical delivery system to make the regular supplies chain much easier. During 2004, new chapter in the Nitrogen filling technology was introduced, through which we are aiming to fill the tyres of almost all automobile wheels.

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Our Services

(Medical Gas Pipe Line Systems)

We have up till now crossed 350 & above projects varying from 25 beds to 500 beds. Both Pvt & Govt hospitals are installed to fullest satisfaction.

(Modular Operation Theatre)

In a operating department for which the most integrated function is required, cleanliness must be kept and the safety of facilities, equipments

(Fire Fighting & Alarm Systems)

An automatic sprinkler system is intended to detect, control and extinguish a fire, and wam the occupants of occurence of fir.

(Various flooring products)

The floor finish in the operating room should be 2mm Conductive PVC tiles, laid on a semi-conductive adhesive base.

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